[packman] Kodi vs. Tumbleweed - needs some changes...

Manfred Hollstein manfred.h at gmx.net
Fri Jul 30 14:04:52 CEST 2021

Hi there,

perhaps you've already seen that Kodi doesn't build for Tumbleweed
anymore <https://pmbs.links2linux.org/package/show/Multimedia/kodi>

The first failure could be worked around by using an internal version
of the "fmt" package; this is what I did with revision 78

Recently Tumbleweed introduced spdlog-1.9.1 which doesn't work with
Kodi's internal version of "fmt". An attempt to replace the external
"spdlog" with an internal one, too, then failed in PMBS probably due to
a race condition in the build process. I could build it successfully on
my local system (which is running "make -O -j8"), but in PMBS "make"
will only run sequentially ("make -O -j1") - which leads to an attempt
to use the internal <spdlog/spdlog.h> while it hasn't been built and
installed at that time.

While I'm sure the bug should be fixed in Kodi's sources, I have to
admit that my C++ knowledge is probably too rusty in the meantime. So I
decided to create two TW specific helper packages in my home repo on
PMBS and built Kodi successfully for Tumbleweed:


Could someone with the necessary permissions please create two new
packages in the Multimedia repo on PMBS?

  A_TW-fmt linking to openSUSE.org:openSUSE:Leap:15.3:Update/fmt
  A_TW-spdlog linking to openSUSE.org:openSUSE:Leap:15.3:Update/spdlog

When that is done, we could probably remove the internal version of
"fmt" again.

TIA, cheers.

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