[packman] New packages for packman

Pascal Bleser pascal.bleser at opensuse.org
Thu Aug 3 02:15:21 CEST 2017

2017-07-31 15:31 GMT+02:00 Walter Fey <dl8fcl at darc.de>:
> Dear Packman Team

Hi Walter

> Thank you for the access to PMBS.
> I added some hamradio related packages which are not available in the
> official openSUSE distributions to my home project/subproject
> "home:dl8fcl:hamradio". One package "gpredict" is available in Leap 42.3 as
> an old version. It is a fork of the package I was maintaining for a long
> time. All these and more packages were maintained and updated by me at the
> openSUSE Build Service, project hamradio.

Do you mean to say that all the spec files and patches have been
written by you, only you, and do not include content from other spec
files that are under a different copyright ?

> Meanwhile I do not update this openSUSE project any longer and like to
> submit these packages to a project in PMBS from were they could be
> published.

You didn't exactly disclose much about why you want to move those to
Packman, that only came out later.
That's a bit of a stinky move, Walter, to remain polite.

> There is already one hamradio package "xdemorse" in "Extra". Meanwhile I
> submitted an update for "xdemorse" which was accepted and published.
> So "Extra" could be also a good place for these new packages.

Or not, Extra was and still is more of a legacy thing, that stemmed
from a time where Packman had way more packages, when there wasn't an
openSUSE Build Service where non-SUSE-employees could contribute to
the packages.

When Detlef and I reorganized the whole thing by setting up an OBS
instance for Packman and took the time to think of a structure, triage
and move the packages we had in our own package build system to the
Packman OBS, we shoved things that were in Packman but not available
elsewhere into "Extra".

In the mean time, a lot of those packages have been made available on
the openSUSE OBS independently, and there is no reason for us to host
those at Packman anymore.
Furthermore, a lot of packages have been moved from Packman into the
openSUSE OBS, too, including a lot of multimedia stuff.

The goal of Packman is clearly not to have an ever growing "Extra"
repository, *especially* if there is no reason to not host it on the
openSUSE Build Service instance (because more people can contribute
there, and because it has more resources).
The goal has rather been to move everything that can to the openSUSE
Build Service, not the opposite.

> For two of my packages it would be helpful to contact somebody of the team
> directly and discuss some items before submitting them.

Big -1 from me, if my opinion and experience still holds any value.

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