[packman] VLC for OpenSUSE

David Kronlid david at kronlid.net
Sun Oct 5 11:48:11 CEST 2014

Den 5 okt 2014 00:28 skrev "David Kronlid" <david at kronlid.net>:
> Thanks Wolfgang and Olaf for quick answers!
> > Again, this is definitely no Packman problem, it might be a problem of
> > videolan.org repo, which you should report to them, not Packman.
> I contacted videolan a few VLC-versions ago when this problem first
> happened, they told me to contact packman as they used your files.
> Looks like I have to tell them again about this unsolved problem.
> Where in which file is the information about dependencies stored so
> that I can analyse the file and see what mistake they have made? The
> repo is here: http://download.videolan.org/pub/vlc/SuSE/13.1/
> >
> > But first, what exact conflict message is printed when you run "sudo
> > up"?
> I don't use zypper when this problem happens, I use the automatic
> update through the simple app that comes with OpenSUSE KDE. I only use
> zypper (and similar on other distros) when i run a server. When
> problems arise I first try YAST (and similar on other distros), then
> as a last resort I revert to command line when I'm on a desktop
> installation of Linux. What's the point of simplifying things with a
> graphical interface if people are still going to use command line? ;-)
> > What is your repo list?
> > zypper lr -d
> I don't want to print my repo list on a mailing list, sorry.
> > A note: you should _not_ have both the Packman and the videolan.org
repo on
> > your system as that can lead to problems.
> "All packman" or "multimedia packman" aren't in my list, but
> videolan.org is there so there can't be that kind of conflict. I tend
> to only add repos that I want to use, not anything unnecessary. The
> only packman thing I have installed is under games.
> > So I would recommend to remove the videolan.org repo, add the Packman
repo (if
> > you haven't already), and do a "full repository vendor change update" to
> > Packman as described here:
> >
> &
> > Btw, you can find the Packman repo in YaST->Software Repositories when
> > click "Add" and choose "Community Repositories".
> &
> > I think the videolan.org repo should not be used anymore. vlc is
> > maintained in OBS, and the uncrippled copy is compiled in packman.
> > Disable the videolan repo and try this command:
> > zypper ar -c -K -f http://packman.inode.at/suse/openSUSE_13.1/
> I will follow your advice and change to packman repos and report back
> if I experience a problem with VLC the next few months.
> However I don't understand why I normally shouldn't use the videolan
> repos as they only seem to take what's at packman and spread it to the
> world through their servers. As long as they verify the signing
> correctly and signs it correctly again there shouldn't be a problem.
> But yes, as it is now if something is badly configured on their side I
> understand the need to change repos right now. It would also be much
> easier for them if they just told people to add the packman repo and
> install VLC from there as it would give them less work, but that's
> their problem if they want to run their own repos for different
> distros, they might have some good reason to do it.
> /David
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