[packman] Package maintenance request: nordlicht

Sebastian Morr sebastian at morr.cc
Sun Mar 2 11:24:12 CET 2014


I'm developing a small C library called "nordlicht", which converts
video files into colorful barcodes, which can be integrated into video
players for faster navigation: https://github.com/blinry/nordlicht

I'd like to make it available on RPM-based distributions. As it depends
on ffmpeg/libav, OBS is no option, so I came here. I created an account
on PBMS called "blinry". In case you want my packet, please activate it!

Two remarks:

- You should probably link http://lists.links2linux.de/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/packman
from https://pmbs.links2linux.org/
- The PMBS site now states: "You're user name is registered but
  unconfirmed. Please stay patient." -> "*Your* user name"...

Kind regards,

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