[packman] Certificate on PMBS

Jörg Lorenzen joerg.lorenzen at ki.tng.de
Mon Aug 4 01:02:36 CEST 2014

Am 03.08.2014 19:53, schrieb Stefan Botter:
> Hi Jörg,
> On Sun, 03 Aug 2014 00:58:44 +0200
> Jörg Lorenzen <joerg.lorenzen at ki.tng.de> wrote:
>> I downgraded Firefox to version 30.0 and everything works fine.
>> As Chromium also has a problem with the certificate, I think Firefox
>> 31.0 is OK
>> and the problem is caused by the certificate for PMBS.
> ... but certificates are not working like that ;-)
> Either your browser can verify the certificate, or it cannot. Please
> check, if you have the CAcert.org root class3 certificate imported into
> your trusted certificates. Mozilla and debian recently have removed the
> CAcert.org certificates from their default stores, you have to manually
> import the root certificates. On openSUSE systems you can install the
> "ca-certificates-cacert" package for ease of use.
> Please try again.
> Greetings,
> Stefan
> PS: I just checked, I am using firefox 31.0 and chromium 35.0, and
> both verify the certificate of PMBS successfully.
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Hi Stefan,

I already had imported certificate CAcert.org root class3, but 
nevertheless access of PMBS failes.
The solution was to remove my local Firefox configuration from 
~/.mozilla and to "reinstall" my config
(extensions, bookmarks,...) and to import the CAcert certificates.
Now I have access to PMBS again (In Chromium the certificates were 
missing, my fault).


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