[packman] update codecs one-click-install

Martin Schlander martin.schlander at gmail.com
Mon Nov 18 20:51:36 CET 2013

Tirsdag den 19. november 2013 03:20:17 skrev Marguerite Su:
> If we just want to support the `default` openSUSE installation, my
> arguement might be totally pointless.

That's my opinion at least. To have a fairly basic one-click installer that 
makes the default players work. As opposed to bloating the user's system with 
every multimedia software imaginable.

The 1-click will add the Packman repo, meaning the user can easily install 
vlc, smplayer or whatever with full features at any time after doing the 
initial 1-click codec install.

> > For 13.2 some big changes will be needed though. As the phonon-vlc-backend
> > will most likely become default, and personally I will push for vlc to
> > replace kaffeine as the default video player on KDE installations.
> Does VLC a Qt player? I think it'll be hard although VLC is indeed a
> better player.

VLC is Qt, yes. But it's not KDE though. Still I think there are some solid 
arguments for making it default in 13.2 (popular and well-known, very feature 
rich, same engine as phonon default, actively developed).

But we'll see if I can convince the KDE team ;-)

> > However, Detlef has announced the o-c.o server will be terminated on 31
> > December 2013, so unless some replacement server is found, o-c.o will die
> > then.
> What? Where? Can you please drop me a link?

Detlef Reichelt posted that to this list on 18 October with the subject 
"opensuse-community.org". I don't think there's any mail archive available for 

> I have "some replacement server" at hand...but I don't know the
> requirement, is it just a MediaWiki?
> If so, I can host it for at least 2 years.

Yep. Afaik it's just mediawiki and the 1-clicks and the non-OBS part of the 
YaST community repositories, that's hosted there. But there might be other 
stuff running under opensuse-community.org that I'm not aware of.

I guess even a static html page might suffice. The wiki is really not used very 

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