[packman] update codecs one-click-install

Marguerite Su i at marguerite.su
Mon Nov 18 20:20:17 CET 2013

Hi, Martin,

On Tue, Nov 19, 2013 at 12:30 AM, Martin Schlander
<martin.schlander at gmail.com> wrote:
> Lørdag den 16. november 2013 18:39:48 skrev Marguerite Su:
>> I think maybe it's time to update our one-click-install file for codecs?
>> Here's my suggestion:
>> 1. remove libxine2-codecs, it's optional now.
> libxine2 is used by Kaffeine - the default video player on KDE installations.

Sorry for that...I thought KDE has switched to GStreamer as a whole...

>> 2. add gstreamer 1.2 codecs.
> The Phonon gstreamer backend has not been ported to gstreamer 1.x yet. So it's
> not needed in KDE - KDE still needs the old gstreamer 0_10. (But suggestions
> for which packages should be installed by the gnome codec 1-click would be
> very much appreciated.)

Ha...I thought KDE has switched to 1.0 like GNOME...and maybe
misunderstood the purpose of this codecs pack...is it to provide "out
of the box" experience?

As I know...if so, we have to provide both sets of
GStreamer...there're players using 1.0 under KDE, eg: Dragon Player.
And in its specfile, there's no "Requires" for 1.0 codecs. So if users
install it by hand...

Well that's common, because when they package something on OBS, they
just ignore the requirements provided by us. So no result in `zypper
se --requires gstreamer-plugins-bad` doesn't mean it's a good
result...actually we don't have a list about what player uses what

If we just want to support the `default` openSUSE installation, my
arguement might be totally pointless.

> For 13.2 some big changes will be needed though. As the phonon-vlc-backend
> will most likely become default, and personally I will push for vlc to replace
> kaffeine as the default video player on KDE installations.

Does VLC a Qt player? I think it'll be hard although VLC is indeed a
better player.

> However, Detlef has announced the o-c.o server will be terminated on 31
> December 2013, so unless some replacement server is found, o-c.o will die
> then.

What? Where? Can you please drop me a link?

I have "some replacement server" at hand...but I don't know the
requirement, is it just a MediaWiki?
If so, I can host it for at least 2 years.


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