[packman] Possible packaging problem

oldcpu oldcpu at opensuse-forums.org
Tue May 17 21:03:46 CEST 2011

I am running openSUSE-11.3 (64-bit on KDE-4.4.4).

I have no problems with KDEnilve.

Here are the versions of kdenlive and mlt I have installed:

oldcpu at core-i7:~> rpm -qa '*kdenlive*'
oldcpu at core-i7:~> rpm -qa '*mlt*'

It works well for me.

aka oldcpu

On 05/14/2011 01:12 PM, Stephen Allewell wrote:
> Firstly thanks for providing all these updated packages.  They are 
> very helpful for me.
> I believe there is a packaging problem with 
> kdenlive-0.8-1.pm.1.1.x86_64 which I installed recently.
> This is for OpenSuSE 11.3.
> Having installed it, I tried to run it but it crashes on startup each 
> time.
> One of the requirements is listed as mlt, but it appears to only run 
> with version 0.7, which I got from your repo,
> and not with the stock version 0.5 supplied with OpenSuSE 11.3.
> Having updated mlt, kdenlive runs correctly.
> Thanks again for the packages
> Regards
> Steve
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