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oldcpu oldcpu at opensuse-forums.org
Sat May 14 14:43:33 CEST 2011

I would also like to see this application packaged on a more 
regular/consistent basis for openSUSE.

I note from its website (http://www.jitsi.org/) that it is under heavy 
development with their being nightly builds.  The download page of the 
site notes they are interested in working with different GNU/Linux 
distributions to package Jitsi : 

There is an 'rpm' on the site for download, but its 64-bit rpm packages 
have all its libraries and .jar (java apps) in /usr/lib/jitsi/ which is 
contrary to the openSUSE approach (where I believe 64-bit libraries 
usually go in /usr/lib64 and where I think on openSUSE java .jar files 
go in /usr/share/java/ ) . So I do not want to install the rpm from the 
jitsi web site.  I then looked at the source files on the Jtisi site to 
see if it was easy for a non-packager/average-user to build, but then I 
noted it required java beans to install , and ergo it is not so easy for 
the average user to install this application.

Hence a packager who understands this and who could liaise with Jitsi 
developers for packaging this application would be useful.

Thus I echo Al Bogner's request.

aka oldcpu

On 03/27/2011 02:50 PM, Al Bogner wrote:
> Jitsi (ex sip-communicator) is one of the best SIP and messenger
> programm, written in Java, I found. At the moment the rpm-version is
> unmaintained. It would be great, if jitsi could be added by Packman.
> Unfortunately I had problems to install it with Opensuse. I think there
> must be a few modifications made with the dependencies, eg:
> "java>= 1.5.0", and not "java>= 1:1.5.0"
> For people who use messenger services and SIP, jitsi is my 1st
> recommendation. Jitis is the simplest way, because of 1 app, for audio
> via sip and audio via xmpp.
> So is there anyone, who will build jitsi for Opensuse?
> Al
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