[packman] libxine1-32bit (x86-64) broken for 11.3

Manfred Tremmel manfred at links2linux.de
Sun Jul 25 22:44:40 CEST 2010

Am Sonntag, 25. Juli 2010 schrieb Stefan Tittel:
> Thanks, the package compiles and installs fine now. However, it
>  doesn't work as it is supposed to work.


> If I install libxine1-32bit and w32codecs-all from Packman and
> xine-ui-32bit from the official openSUSE repository (because there is
>  no xine-ui-32bit package from Packman), xine32 doesn't play any
>  "restricted" codecs.

All the restricted codecs can be found in the libxine1-codecs package. I 
can't provide a libxine1-codecs-32bit package becouse we use the same 
sources as SUSE and SUSE doesn't provide this package. You can install 
the i586 version, but then the x86_64 package doesn't play any 
restricted codecs any more.

I don't see a reason for xine-ui-32bit package. The xine-ui package 
contains the frontend GUI, you can install the i586 or x86_64 package, 
but not both (it's installed into /usr/bin and has it's configuration in 
~/.xine there can't be two xine-ui binaries).

> Making use of the Windows codecs should be needed in my understanding
>  to get support for codecs not provided by libxine1 and its
>  dependencies (like Intel Indeo 5 for instance), which is the reason
>  I need the 32bit version of xine in first place. However, even
>  codecs that should be supported by xine (like DivX 5) don't work
>  with the current state of the 32bit version.

When there are videos that can't be displayed by libxine/ffmpeg itselve 
(I haven't seen some for a while) install libxine1-codecs i586 xine-ui 
i586 and w32codecs-all. Change configuration of the decoders, increase 
the win32a and win32v entries.

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