[packman] libxine1-32bit (x86-64) broken for 11.3

Stefan Tittel bugreports at tittel.net
Sun Jul 25 16:01:02 CEST 2010

On 24.07.10 18:30, Manfred Tremmel wrote:

>> I am using openSUSE 11.3 on x86-64. When I am trying to install
>> "libxine1-32bit" from Packman this fails because of an unresolvable
>>  dependency against libmodplug.so.1. 
> I've added a baselibs.conf into the libmodplug package. When the build 
> is finished and the mirrors are synced, the dependencie should be solved 
> by installing the libmodplug1-32bit rpm.

Thanks, the package compiles and installs fine now. However, it doesn't
work as it is supposed to work.

If I install libxine1-32bit and w32codecs-all from Packman and
xine-ui-32bit from the official openSUSE repository (because there is no
xine-ui-32bit package from Packman), xine32 doesn't play any
"restricted" codecs.

Is that a packaging problem with libxine1-32bit or with openSUSE's
xine-ui-32bit package? In the latter case a xine-ui-32bit package from
Packman would probably be needed to fix the problem.

Or do I need to do special configuring to make it work? I always started
with an empty ~/.xine directory and there is no option to set the path
of the Windows codecs even at the "Master of the known universe" skill

Making use of the Windows codecs should be needed in my understanding to
get support for codecs not provided by libxine1 and its dependencies
(like Intel Indeo 5 for instance), which is the reason I need the 32bit
version of xine in first place. However, even codecs that should be
supported by xine (like DivX 5) don't work with the current state of the
32bit version.

Thanks again for looking into it!

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