[packman] libxine1-32bit (x86-64) broken for 11.3

Stefan Tittel bugreports at tittel.net
Mon Jul 26 03:19:05 CEST 2010

On 25.07.10 22:44:50, Manfred Tremmel wrote:

Hello Manfred,

thank you for your answer!

>> Thanks, the package compiles and installs fine now. However, it
>> doesn't work as it is supposed to work.
> compiles?

Ups, my bad. I got used to writing "compiles and installs fine" back in my 
Gentoo days, when discussing various quality problems. I didn't try to compile 

> I don't see a reason for xine-ui-32bit package. The xine-ui package
> contains the frontend GUI, you can install the i586 or x86_64 package,
> but not both (it's installed into /usr/bin and has it's configuration in
> ~/.xine there can't be two xine-ui binaries).

openSUSE's xine-ui-32bit package actually provides /usr/bin/xine32 instead of 
/usr/bin/xine to allow 32bit and 64bit versions to be installed in parallel. 
The configuration directory however doesn't seem to have been adjusted to 

Please let me do a quick recap to ensure I understand you correctly, because I 
still think there is a problem. :)

1) The fact that I use openSUSE's xine-ui-32bit package should not restrict me 
in using the full feature set of Packman's libxine1-32bit package.

2) Packman's libxine1-32bit will not play restricted codecs by itself as long 
as the i586 package of libxine1-codecs is not installed.

3) However, if w32codecs-all is installed, using openSUSE's xine-ui-32bit 
package in conjunction with Packman's libxine1-32bit package should enable me 
to play videos using a codec that is part of w32codecs-all.

Now unfortunately 3) doesn't work. I am particularily interested in playing 
"Intel Indeo 5" videos (this is why I do all of this). openSUSE's xine-
ui-32bit package, Packman's libxine1-32bit and w32codecs-all (containing 
ir50_32.dll responsible for Intel Indeo 5 decoding) are installed and it 
doesn't work.

It seems to me that the codecs of w32codecs-all are completely ignored by my 
32bit xine. I remember from ancient times that xine has an option to configure 
the location of Windows codecs, this option is not there for me. Also in 
verbose bugreporting mode, xine doesn't tell me anything about loading 
something from /usr/lib/codecs or about loading Windows codecs or anything 
like that.

> When there are videos that can't be displayed by libxine/ffmpeg itselve
> (I haven't seen some for a while) install libxine1-codecs i586 xine-ui
> i586 and w32codecs-all. Change configuration of the decoders, increase
> the win32a and win32v entries.

If I try to switch one of these xine packages to i586, YaST wants to 
architecture change nearly my entire system, so that doesn't seem possible 
and, if I understood you correctly, should also not be necessary to use 
Windows codecs with a 32bit xine.

I tried to increase the priority of win32a und win32v for my xine-ui-32bit 
installation, but even as "Master of the known universe" there is no such 

Thanks in advance again! :)


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