[packman] Funguloids fails to run with openal-soft (default in 11.1)

Toni toni at links2linux.de
Sun Jan 25 10:58:03 CET 2009

Am Samstag, 24. Januar 2009 schrieb Cristian Morales Vega:

> >> Just to remove any doubt:
> >>
> >> # LC_ALL=C zypper --disable-system-resolvables in -D -r dvd
> >> 'libopenal.so.0()(64bit)'
> >> Loading repository data...
> >> Resolving package dependencies...
> >>
> >> The following NEW packages are going to be installed:
> >>   bash bash-doc e2fsprogs filesystem glibc info libblkid1 libbz2-1
> >> libcom_err2 libext2fs2
> >> libncurses5 libopenal0-soft libopenal1-soft libreadline5 libuuid1
> >> libvolume_id1 libzio ncurses-utils openal-soft readline-doc
> >> terminfo-base zlib
> >>
> >>
> >> Overall download size: 4.1 M. After the operation, additional 12.4 M
> >> will be used.
> >> Continue? [YES/no]: n
> >>
> >> openal-soft is selected instead of openal.
> >
> > A new package is uploaded as I needed to rebuild it with new ogre-1.6.1.
> > For openSuSE-11.1 it is build with openal-soft.
> >
> > and openal-soft(-devel) is NOT compatible to openal package, so IMHO it
> > is totally wrong to provide openal in the openal-soft-devel package.
> >
> > e.g. ember build is failing with openal-soft ... and so I stay with the
> > working openal(-devel) package of the packman repository.
> I will open a bug report since the situation seems funny...
> 1- Upstream openal-soft only provides libopenal.so.1, but openSUSE
> patched it to also create a wrapper library with soname
> libopenal.so.0. If you try hard you can have both original openal and
> openal-soft (without wrapper) installed at the same time without any
> conflict, but...

> 2- The full repository has available both openal and openal-soft, but
> the DVD only provides openal-soft. At the same time zypper will select
> openal-soft by default when both options are available. So openal-soft
> is the default, true? Well, no... the Build Service has a "Prefer:
> -libopenal0-soft -openal-soft" for both 11.1 and Factory, that seems
> makes openal prefered over openal-soft.

> 3- Because of '2' freealut is compiled against original openal.

> 4- openal package provides a libtool .la file but openal-soft doesn't.
> Since freealut is compiled against openal "libalut.la" hardcodes a
> dependency against a libopenal.la file that doesn't exists in
> openal-soft. That's why ember fails to compile (now I also hate
> libtool). If you remove the libalut.la file embed compiles correctly
> (with the libalut.so.0 from freealut vs direct libalut.so.1 dependecy
> conflict that god knows what will do if you use the real libalut.so.0
> instead of the wrapper).

well analysed !

As a conclusion: I must check my spec-files to remove "Requires: openal", 
because this way I can't force the use of the packman package, as the 
openals-soft package tries to "provide: openal" and contains also a library 
with the old so-name of original openal...

So lets hope that our beloved games are still working with this mess.
Your detailed feedback is very appreciated. If things go worse, I can try to 
link openal statically and or switch to other sound-output possibilities (in 
case of funguloids: fmod)

As we build our packages in a chroot, the removal of libopenal.la is not 
possible on the fly. One possibility is to repack the package for the packman 

have fun

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