[packman] Azureus-

Toni toni at links2linux.de
Thu Jan 25 17:00:48 CET 2007

Am Donnerstag, 25. Januar 2007 11:55 schrieb harryc:
> The latest Azureus is broken. I'd be glad to work with the packager to
> resolve it. Here's some examples at our forum of this problem;
> http://www.suseforums.net/index.php?showtopic=30245&hl=packman
> http://www.suseforums.net/index.php?showtopic=30220&hl=packman

hm, the link gives for me:
    IPS Driver Error
    There appears to be an error with the database.
    You can try to refresh the page by clicking here 

ok, so without more informations ... no solutions :)

otherwise, note: All our packages are compiled, builded against a stock-SuSE 
and/or packman packages. So if you update your system with packages from 
several repositories, you'll end in problems. 

Obviously, the latest java update changed something. 
So my advise (a shoot in the dark forest without more information):
Start a security related java-programm ONCE as root, it will create some 
entries in directories a user is not allowed to write, and then all 
java-programs should run again.

This issue is as old as java, and can be found on the sun-homepage and 

> Thanks for your time,
> Harry
have fun 

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