[packman] [PM] libgpod 0.4.2 (SuSE 10.2/x86_64)

Pascal Bleser pascal.bleser at skynet.be
Wed Jan 17 13:31:59 CET 2007

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Joachim Schrod wrote:
>>>>>> "RL" == Rainer Lay <rainer.lay at gmx.de> writes:
> Hello, sorry for chiming in,
> RL> do you have other programs with probloems with this lib?
> I don't know about Antonio, but since tonight I have other problems:
> amarok from suser-guru uses libgpod.so.0. When apt starts to upgrade
> libgpod, it wants to remove amarok at the same time because
> libgpod.so.0 is missing. 
> This is for SUSE 10.0, btw, the case might be different for other SUSE
> versions.

Well, yes, libgpod developers deserve a kick in the ass.
They just made it incompatible on a minor release (0.4.0->0.4.2).

The problem is, my amarok RPMs are built against libgpod-0.4.0 (and
hence libgpod.so.0). So when you upgrade libgpod, yast2/apt/smart have
to remove amarok because nothing provides libgpod.so.0 any more --
package managers might also downgrade it to amarok-1.3.8 as it's the
SUSE package and that version doesn't contain support for libgpod (and
hence, do not depend on any libgpod.so.*).

As soon as I noticed the libgpod upgrade on Packman, I've rebuilt amarok
against libgpod-0.4.2 (libgpod.so.1), but on 10.2 only as there were
only libgpod-0.4.2 packages on Packman for 10.2.

Now that 0.4.2 is available for all SUSE versions, I am going to rebuild
amarok on all SUSE versions as well, against libgpod-0.4.2 (libgpod.so.1).

Upgrade to amarok-1.4.4-109 once it is available in my repository
(should be this evening, CET).

> RL> If not, just stay with libgpod from SuSE.
> But that would need special configuration of apt, to lock to the older
> version, wouldn't it?

Just don't use "apt-get upgrade" to upgrade *everything* ;)

> If there is the possibility to supply libgpod.so.0 as well, I would
> very much appreciate it. I suspect that most of us add packman and
> suser-guru to our repositories to get full multimedia capabilities --
> but the new libgpod breaking amarok sort of works against that goal.

Personally, I would have built the libgpod-0.4.2 RPM to also include the
libgpod.so.0 from 0.4.0 in order to avoid such issues.

But it's difficult to coordinate such actions, especially because it's 2
repositories and not one.

> Thus, is it possible to add the old so-version to the rpm, at least to
> the 10.0-rpm, too?

I'm currently building amarok-1.4.4-109 for SUSE 10.1 and 10.0 so
"fixed" amarok packages will be available soon.

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