[packman] [PM] libgpod 0.4.2 (SuSE 10.2/x86_64)

Joachim Schrod jschrod at acm.org
Wed Jan 17 11:38:30 CET 2007

>>>>> "RL" == Rainer Lay <rainer.lay at gmx.de> writes:

Hello, sorry for chiming in,

RL> do you have other programs with probloems with this lib?

I don't know about Antonio, but since tonight I have other problems:
amarok from suser-guru uses libgpod.so.0. When apt starts to upgrade
libgpod, it wants to remove amarok at the same time because
libgpod.so.0 is missing. 

This is for SUSE 10.0, btw, the case might be different for other SUSE

RL> If not, just stay with libgpod from SuSE.

But that would need special configuration of apt, to lock to the older
version, wouldn't it?

If there is the possibility to supply libgpod.so.0 as well, I would
very much appreciate it. I suspect that most of us add packman and
suser-guru to our repositories to get full multimedia capabilities --
but the new libgpod breaking amarok sort of works against that goal.

Thus, is it possible to add the old so-version to the rpm, at least to
the 10.0-rpm, too?


Joachim Schrod				Email: jschrod at acm.org
Roedermark, Germany

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