[packman] x264 & mplayer packman/vlc repository conflict

Benji Weber b.weber at warwick.ac.uk
Mon Dec 10 17:46:36 CET 2007

Greetings all,

It seems the VLC repository (added by the codecs YMP) contains a newer
version of x264 than in your repository, which does not have a
provides for libx264.so.54. This means zypp is unable to install
MPlayer, and a "zypper up -t package" wants to remove MPlayer.
There's possibly a zypp bug here too.

Perhaps you could coordinate with the VLC repository owner, and or
bump the version on your x264 so it is used preferentially.

On an unrelated note, at present the metadata seems to be updated
nearly every hour, and for most people that means every time they use
their package management they have to download another 5mb of
metadata. Until we have support for diffed metadata it might improve a
lot of people's user experience if there were a workaround.

Possible workarounds:

- Reduce frequency of sync out of non-security related package
updates/metadata to once a day maximum.

- Create another "minimal" repository containing just the uncrippled
multimedia packages which only needs to be updated when there's a
security update to libxine etc, and can otherwise remain static for
the life of the distversion.


Benjamin Weber

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