[packman] Help needed with dutch translation?

Pascal Bleser pascal.bleser at skynet.be
Wed Apr 25 23:06:20 CEST 2007

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Joris wrote:
> Hello,

Hi Joris

> I just saw on the site that a start of a dutch translation has been made. At 
> the moment I have some time left for helping with a dutch translation. Please 
> let me know if I can help and how.

Of course, any help is welcome ;)

> I can translate from English and German to Dutch.


Grab the current dutch translation file (gettext PO format):

There are a few applications you can use to edit the translations
(kbabel, emacs, ...).

Please send me the updated nl.po (private email will do) and I'll merge
it into our repository.

Be careful with non-ASCII characters (like é and such): please use the
corresponding HTML entities (e.g. één = één).
I know it's a pain but well... if not, I'll have to post-edit the file ;)

> P.s.
> Why is there only a beta of Azureus? If it is not hard work to make an RPM of 
> the stable version I am willing to learn and create te stable version. 
> Because I still read a lot of messages of crashing Azureus with the 3.0B
> For some reason I have the feeling that I have asked this before.

I'll let someone else answer that ;)

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