[packman] repo problem

Bob S usr at sanctum.com
Thu Oct 5 07:27:25 CEST 2006


I Know you are all volunteers and the SuSE community lauds an praises you for 
that. Especially me. I have used the wonderful packages you have provided for 

I used to use apt for may years but now have switched to smart because of 
un-availability of KDE. I am running 10.0 on an AMD 64 bit system.

I hate to complain to a group who has done so much for SuSE Linux, but you 
have some broken packages. I have patiently waited for over a week now hoping 
that the problem would be discovered and corrected. Has not happened.

The problem is simply that the packages are not receiving
the correct paths in the smart metadata. Packages are being
made for 10.1 and the meta files are being copied over as-is for the
10.0 branch. That simply does not work. 

If you all could address this problem it would certainly be appreciated by 
many many SuSE users.

Bob S.

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