[packman] suse 9.1 personal-working dvd playback???

Ross Phillips bikeyboy at jazi.net
Fri Jan 28 05:26:42 CET 2005

I cant get sound from my Sourceforge Kaffeine 0.4.  When I use the  PLAY 
menu, it tells me that this version doesn't play DVD's..  I tried to update 
the Kaffeine to 0.5, but there is an error, saying that cd:///devices=hdc 
ERROR (media not attached) and further on, after SKIP, it asks for CD1, 
looking for non existent file (Kaffeine?) 04.1-82.i586.  I have a 2.8GHz 
Celleron processor on a P4 board, perhaps I have an i386 machine??? I've 
tried removing the 04 and installing the 05, but same result.  What can I 
do?  I'd like to use the Kaffeine, but I'm open to ideas.

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