[packman] Problems with gstreamer-plugins-bad and related packages from Packman on TW

Carlos E. R. robin.listas at telefonica.net
Fri Jan 28 16:31:46 CET 2022

On 28/01/2022 15.46, Bjørn Lie wrote:
> fr., jan. 28 2022 at kl. 12.43 +0100 +0100 skrev Carlos E. R. 
> <robin.listas at telefonica.net> følgende:
>> On 28/01/2022 12.28, Bjørn Lie wrote:
>>> The way I have it
>>> in my home repo here on pmbs, will allow users to just add packman repo,
>>> type zypper inr, and bad/ugly-extra packages and their deps will
>>> automagically install. Why make it harder than it is needed to be? Lets
>>> provide endusers with as simple as possible and as few as possible
>>> package that gives the functionality that they are after.
>> This has a problem (doing the packman switch, aka zypper dup --from
>> packman) for me.
>> It resulted in getting "lazarus" switched from "OBS: Education" to
>> "Packman", and I had to revert it when I found out.
>> I don't know yet if other packages were affected.

> Where did you see me say you should do zypper dup --from packman?
> This is the entire point, there should be no need to do dup (leaving the 
> ffmpeg and corresponding libs aside).
> The meaning of the exercise was to manually switch the gstreamer 
> packages one have installed AWAY from packman, but leave in place 
> gstreamer-plugins-bad/ugly-orig-addon ones.
> If you do zypper dup --from packman -> this will ofc lead to you pulling 
> in all the available packages inside the packman repo, no matter where 
> you currently have them installed.
> Note that we have not currently changed anything ref bad/ugly on packman 
> - they are still available there.

Sorry, then I misunderstood.

Cheers / Saludos,

		Carlos E. R.
		(from 15.3 x86_64 at Telcontar)
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