[packman] [PM] pipewire-lang package is uninstallable due to version mismatch

Stefan Seyfried stefan.seyfried at googlemail.com
Sat Feb 12 10:58:28 CET 2022

Hi Stefan,

On 12.02.22 09:28, Stefan Botter wrote:

> Yes, we do not have any armv7l workers anymore, as my banana pi (swrj01)
> was not building correctly for some time now, and both cubietrucks
> (swrj02 and swrj03) broke down due to hardware issues during the past
> two months.

I have some spare raspi-style hardware lying around unused, which I 
could set up as obsworkers:
* bananapi m2 zero (IIRC, a raspi-zero lookalike with h3 chip)
* raspberry pi (the original) x 2
* raspberry pi 2
* raspberry pi 3 (this one should at least be aarch64 capable)

I would also be willing to buy a raspi 400 (which is the only raspi-4 
like machine available right now) and even send one to you if it 
improves the state of workers.

Not that I am using openSUSE and thus packman on any ARM machine, but 
keeping PMBS running seems important to me :-)

> Unless we nuke arm*/aarch* I cannot do anything about that.
> Anyone with more insight may shed more light in here, Olaf, Guillaume?

If you want me to setup some of the spare raspi boxes as workers, 
contact me with instructions, if you want a raspberry pi 400 heading 
your way, contact me with a delivery address ;-)

Best regards,


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