[packman] yt-dlp 2022.08.08 broken on 15.3

Masaru Nomiya nomiya at galaxy.dti.ne.jp
Thu Aug 11 13:25:34 CEST 2022


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  Subject    : Re: [packman] yt-dlp 2022.08.08 broken on 15.3
  Message-ID : <d1abe7f4-94d3-e7bd-dd28-b7007d7bb6a6 at telefonica.net>
  Date & Time: Thu, 11 Aug 2022 12:57:20 +0200

[CER] == "Carlos E. R." <robin.listas at telefonica.net> has written:

MS>>>  Exception: You are using an unsupported version of Python. Only Python
MS>>> versions 3.7 and above are supported by yt-dlp

MN>> That's all there is to it.
MN>> In other words, use it with python37 or higher python3.

CER>  That is not up to us (plain users), Leap has 2.7 and we can not
CER>  change it.

You are mistaken.
What yt-dlp needs is python3, not python.

CER>  Thus, this package can not be published as is.

CER>  I just tried to revert the update, but there are no older
CER>  versions available. I have a local copy of 2022.07.18 and
CER>  reverted to that one.

python3 in Leap 15.3 is python3.6, right?
yt-dlp requires python3.7 or higher.

The solution in Leap 15.3 is installing python 3.8 (3.7 isn't
availlable, is it?) and use update-laternatives.


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