[packman] [SOLVED] Please update Flash

Carlos E. R. robin.listas at telefonica.net
Mon Feb 3 17:57:26 CET 2020

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On 03/02/2020 17.13, Jason Craig wrote:
| On 2/3/2020 01:39, Rodney Baker wrote:
|> It is worth noting that there are a number of industrial (and
|> other) control systems that run on secure networks that still
|> (unfortunately) rely on Flash.
| That is terrible support to provide one's customers...awful
| technology most people haven't touched in 10+ years.

That's normal in industry. See Boeing, they use the 287 processor on new
airplanes. I bet many controllers are using the 8086 still. Usually on
private and isolated LANs.

That flash is used on the office machines that connect to the
controllers does not surprise me in the least. Of course new
developments would use new system at the offices, but the cost of that
replacement may be in the many thousands of euros/dollars range, if
those companies are still in the market.

I know because I created industrial software back then.

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