[packman] Certificate errors

Manfred Hollstein manfred.h at gmx.net
Mon Jan 14 17:49:02 CET 2019

Hi there,

On Sun, 13 Jan 2019, 10:29:10 +0100, Luigi Baldoni wrote:
>    Hello,
> as of this morning osc operations fail with this error:
>  "Certificate Verification Error: Peer certificate subjectAltName does not match host, expected pmbs-api.links2linux.de, got DNS:autoconfig.schiffbauer.net".
> File uploads from the website are also unsuccessful.

just to re-iterate on this issue, it still exists unfortunately. Any
"osc -A https://pmbs-api.links2linux.de ..." command fails with the
above error message. Using "osc -A http://pmbs-api.links2linux.de ..."
(note http: instead of https:) then errors out with a python traceback
also moaning about the same issue:

  File "/usr/lib64/python2.7/ssl.py", line 856, in do_handshake
    match_hostname(self.getpeercert(), self.server_hostname)
  File "/usr/lib64/python2.7/ssl.py", line 286, in match_hostname
    % (hostname, dnsnames[0]))
  ssl.CertificateError: hostname 'pmbs-api.links2linux.de' doesn't match 'autoconfig.schiffbauer.net'

Who owns the certificate? Has the hoster @schiffbauer.net been informed?

HTH/TIA, cheers.

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