[packman] devedeng and 2ManDVD

Wolfgang Bauer e9325712 at student.tuwien.ac.at
Thu Aug 29 18:03:51 CEST 2019

Am Dienstag, 27. August 2019, 10:50:58 schrieb Guadagnino Cristiano:
> Today I wanted to install devedeng, but the installation fails with this 
> > ~> LANG=C sudo zypper in devedeng
> > Loading repository data...
> > Reading installed packages...
> > Resolving package dependencies...
> > 
> > Problem: nothing provides cdrkit-cdrtools-compat needed by
> > devedeng-4.11.0-1.8.noarch> 
> >  Solution 1: do not install devedeng-4.11.0-1.8.noarch
> >  Solution 2: break devedeng-4.11.0-1.8.noarch by ignoring some of its
> >  dependencies> 
> > Choose from above solutions by number or cancel [1/2/c/d/?] (c):

At least this problem should be solvable by choosing Solution 2.
cdrkit (and therefore also cdrkit-cdrtools-compat) has been dropped from the 
distribution a while ago in favor of the real cdrtools that are included 
again. (the only reason for having cdrkit in the first place were presumed 
license problems with cdrtools AFAIK).

Just make sure that you do have cdrecord installed if you want to burn CDs, 
though you might need other packages as well (e.g. mkisofs, I never used 
devedeng, so I don't know what it uses/needs).

The requirements of the package would need to be adjusted...

Kind Regards,

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