[packman] mythweb packaging error?

Jason Craig os-dev at jacraig.com
Mon Jul 23 18:06:56 CEST 2018

On 07/23/2018 03:46 AM, packman at howorth.org.uk wrote:
> On Mon, 23 Jul 2018 09:48:52 +0200
> Dave Plater <davejplater at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I've just looked at the package and it now shows php7 requirements,
>> must have rebuilt.
>> Regards
>> Dave
> How very confusing. So after I forced a refresh of the repository I
> could see it and installed it with no errors or hints to look at a
> readme or whatever that I could see. Then I restarted apache but now
> apache won't start. It says:
> Jul 23 10:31:54 acer-suse start_apache2[27762]: AH00526: Syntax error
> on line 111 of /etc/apache2/conf.d/mythweb.conf: Jul 23 10:31:54
> acer-suse start_apache2[27762]: Invalid command 'php_value', perhaps
> misspelled or defined by a module not included in the server
> configuration
> Looking at the /etc/apache2/conf.d/mythweb.conf installed by the
> package, I can see the php_value commands, but this is a file installed
> by packman designed to work with opensuse leap 15.0 so why would it use
> a command that appears not to be supported by that release? Or am I
> supposed to do something else to apache?
> I'm also confused why there is a reference to
>   <Directory "/var/www/html/data">
> in the file. Why hasn't that been changed to
> a /srv/ww/htdocs/<whatever>? Is that a mistake or is it deliberate?

Yes, this directory should have been changed to 
"/srv/www/htdocs/mythweb/data" but was missed. I just submitted the fix 
for that.

> The INSTALL file also says I need mod_rewrite but that doesn't seem to
> be installed by openSUSE as standard. So am I supposed to edit the
> loadmodule.conf file? Are there instructions describing how to get this
> package working on Leap 15 somewhere, or is it a guessing game?

Yes, mod_rewrite and mod_php7 (or mod_php5, whichever you have) are not 
enabled by default and so they have to be enabled. OpenSUSE has a 
sysconfig file for enabling Apache modules. You can either edit the 
"APACHE_MODULES" entry in "/etc/sysconfig/apache2" or, as I would 
recommend, use YaST2's /etc/sysconfig editor and edit the same entry 
under "Network" -> "WWW" -> "Apache2". In either case you want to add 
"rewrite" and "php7" to the list of modules. If you want to configure 
some sort of authentication in mythweb, you may also need any of 
authn_core, auth_basic, auth_digest depending on how you choose to set 
that up.

If you use YaST it should update files and restart Apache for you 
whereas if you edit the file manually you will have to run some script 
and then restart Apache yourself. That's why I recommend YaST. Once 
you've done that, that should fix your problem with "php_value" as well 
as enabling mod_rewrite. If you haven't already, you will have to set 
the db_server, db_name, db_login and db_password values in mythweb.conf 
so that it can connect to your MythTV database.

See https://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Build_from_Source#Install_MythWeb if you 
need further details, but note that most of the commands it asks you to 
run are either done by the package install or by what I just told you here.

Jason Craig

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