[packman] Kodi no longer runs in fullscreen mode on Leap 42.3?

Jimmie Mayfield jimmie at sackheads.org
Sun Apr 1 18:37:51 CEST 2018

After today's update to v17.6-3.6.x86_64, Kodi no longer runs in true 
full-screen mode using the Gnome3 desktop.  The desktop taskbar and 
window titlebar remain visible at all times.  Which means that a 1080p 
display no longer offers full resolution. Worse, the Gnome screensaver 
does not get disabled so after the configured timeout, the screen lock 
engages.  The latter pretty much renders Kodi useless unless one 
disables the Gnome screensaver.

Any way we can drop back to the prior version of Kodi until these issues 
get resolved?


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