[packman] Problems with vidcutter

Carlos E. R. robin.listas at telefonica.net
Thu Nov 30 16:00:02 CET 2017

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On Thursday, 2017-11-30 at 15:46 +0100, Luigi Baldoni wrote:
> On Thu Nov 30 14:43:06 CET 2017, Carlos E. R. wrote:
>>>> It coredumped on a wrong filename!
>>> Works for me on 42.3, I think you should report this upstream.
>>> Will follow the github issue.
>> Are you absolutely sure it is not a local problem?
> I'm not the developer, so I can't be sure about anything.
> However I couldn't reproduce the problem in a 42.2 VM with only
> the official repos, plus packman and python3-typing from d:l:py.
> Try clearing old packages and perhaps your vidcutter configuration.

I have just found out that it is related to the video file: most 
recordings from that TV fail, but I found one that does work (difference 
is automatic scheduled recording versus manual recording of a past 

vidcutter simply can not handle those videos.

Plus, it failed to process both audio sources (in this case, Spanish and 
Japanesse: the second language was missing). Also, the subtittles were 
missing. And some keys fail to work.

I'm willing to report upstream if they have some method to upload a video 
that fails to work for them to try, but I certainly need both audio 

Where is the reporting site? Mail list, perhaps?

> Or wait for the upcoming 5.0.5 release that doesn't rely on pyopengl
> (I see you're using the nvidia binary).

In this machine, yes. But I don't recode the video.

Sigh... I would like a video cutter program that simply produced a script 
for ffmpeg. Then I would be able to edit the script to suit.

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