[packman] Problems with vidcutter

Luigi Baldoni aloisio at gmx.com
Thu Nov 30 15:46:26 CET 2017

On Thu Nov 30 14:43:06 CET 2017, Carlos E. R. wrote:

> > > It coredumped on a wrong filename!
> >
> > Works for me on 42.3, I think you should report this upstream.
> > Will follow the github issue.
> Are you absolutely sure it is not a local problem?

I'm not the developer, so I can't be sure about anything.

However I couldn't reproduce the problem in a 42.2 VM with only
the official repos, plus packman and python3-typing from d:l:py.

Try clearing old packages and perhaps your vidcutter configuration.

Or wait for the upcoming 5.0.5 release that doesn't rely on pyopengl
(I see you're using the nvidia binary).


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