[packman] Multimedia:kodi broken by ffmpeg 3.4

Andrei Dziahel develop7 at develop7.info
Sun Nov 19 22:59:58 CET 2017

OK, so the build has been failed
executing `ar crs audioengine.a AEFactory.o AESinkFactory.o…`. My
local build has been failed on `ar crs guilib.a DDSImage.o …`.
Increasing `ar` verbosity by setting `ARFLAGS=crsv` did work but
didn't help as the build failed on `ar crsv guilib.a…` again. I've
also found that ar actually did build that file, it just returned
non-zero code. I've tried to run failing command in buildroot dir
following way `ar crsv ~/tmp/guilib.a …` and it succeeds with non-zero
code, producing a file with only difference from previous one is the
timestamp in the header.

I need help, this is very confusing.

Thank you in advance.

2017-11-19 21:18 GMT+03:00 Andrei Dziahel <develop7 at develop7.info>:
> I apologize, I should've mention explicitly (despite the log file
> states it though) these installations were in fact Tumbleweed.
> True, Kodi devs are wrong indeed, yet for end user it's the ffmpeg
> upgrade what broke the functionality. What's worse, there were, like,
> zero warning signs.
> Anyway; the Kodi's ffmpeg fork seems to be a way to go. Here's my
> initial attempt to do it —
> https://pmbs.links2linux.de/package/show/home:develop7:branches:Multimedia/kodi.
> It fails to build locally, maybe it'll succeed in PMBS. Regardless,
> any input here will be greatly appreciated.
> Thank you in advance.
> 2017-11-19 15:51 GMT+03:00 Dave Plater <davejplater at gmail.com>:
>> There's Essentials/A_42.3-ffmpeg, only builds for Leap:42.3 ATM.
>> Contains ffmpeg-3.3.4 but some major reworking is needed for kodi to
>> build against it.
>> The breakage is usually caused by developers not following ffmpeg rules.
>> Dave
>> On 11/19/17, Andrei Dziahel <develop7 at develop7.info> wrote:
>>> Hi list,
>>> It seems I'm affected (2 installations, actually) by
>>> https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/56065, which results in Kodi being
>>> unable to play video (see ffmpeg errors at
>>> http://paste.opensuse.org/21bc2ea5 starting L558). Is there any way to
>>> rebuild it with previous ffmpeg, or embedded ffmpeg, or whatever?
>>> UPD: Oh, I see, we seem to have no ffmpeg < 3.4 headers whatsoever.
>>> All right, since updating ffmpeg introduces so much breakage, can we
>>> possibly make it, I don't know, a multiversion package?
>>> Thank you in advance.
>>> --
>>> Regards,
>>> Andrei Dziahel
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Andrei Dziahel

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