[packman] Multimedia:kodi broken by ffmpeg 3.4

Andrei Dziahel develop7 at develop7.info
Sun Nov 19 19:18:01 CET 2017

I apologize, I should've mention explicitly (despite the log file
states it though) these installations were in fact Tumbleweed.

True, Kodi devs are wrong indeed, yet for end user it's the ffmpeg
upgrade what broke the functionality. What's worse, there were, like,
zero warning signs.

Anyway; the Kodi's ffmpeg fork seems to be a way to go. Here's my
initial attempt to do it —
It fails to build locally, maybe it'll succeed in PMBS. Regardless,
any input here will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

2017-11-19 15:51 GMT+03:00 Dave Plater <davejplater at gmail.com>:
> There's Essentials/A_42.3-ffmpeg, only builds for Leap:42.3 ATM.
> Contains ffmpeg-3.3.4 but some major reworking is needed for kodi to
> build against it.
> The breakage is usually caused by developers not following ffmpeg rules.
> Dave
> On 11/19/17, Andrei Dziahel <develop7 at develop7.info> wrote:
>> Hi list,
>> It seems I'm affected (2 installations, actually) by
>> https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/56065, which results in Kodi being
>> unable to play video (see ffmpeg errors at
>> http://paste.opensuse.org/21bc2ea5 starting L558). Is there any way to
>> rebuild it with previous ffmpeg, or embedded ffmpeg, or whatever?
>> UPD: Oh, I see, we seem to have no ffmpeg < 3.4 headers whatsoever.
>> All right, since updating ffmpeg introduces so much breakage, can we
>> possibly make it, I don't know, a multiversion package?
>> Thank you in advance.
>> --
>> Regards,
>> Andrei Dziahel
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Andrei Dziahel

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