[packman] PMBS - quo vadis?

Bjørn Lie zaitor at opensuse.org
Fri Feb 24 17:15:35 CET 2017

fr., 24.02.2017 kl. 16.20 +0100, skrev Olaf Hering:
> There is probably no need to replace the entire gstreamer stack
> anymore. This is still done in 42.1 for historical reasons,
> everything
> else rebuilds just the bad/ugly plugins from the base distro.
> Olaf

That is quite correct, and if possible: Could we get a "publish" filter
in place for all packages that "comes out" of gstreamer-plugins-bad and

The only 2 binaries needed for users to "add" is gstreamer-plugins-bad-
orig-addon and gstreamer-plugins-ugly-orig-addon, all the other
subpackages could and should come from distro (debuginfo packages for
 -orig-addons aside).

gstreamer-plugins-libav should for now stay as is. The major stumble
block for users for this package is not installing the needed
libavcodec57 and friends from ffmpeg built on PM (or other 3 party repo
that builds the "unrestricted ffmpeg").
In the future I'll look into getting gst-libav into TW too, as recent
tests indicates that this will work fine as long as users have "the
right" set of libavcodec++ installed.

If publish filter is possible, it should probably only be used for TW
as of now, to make less waves.


I also see that for TW there are python-gstreamer-0_10 binaries still
present, but build is disabled. Could someone with the right powers
wipe those? (This might be my mirror that have not caught up, if so,
ignore this part).


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