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Carlos E. R. robin.listas at telefonica.net
Tue Feb 14 23:07:51 CET 2017

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El 2017-02-14 a las 22:55 +0100, Carlos E. R. escribió:
> El 2017-02-14 a las 21:28 -0000, Gerhard Kühbauer escribió:

>> Your problematic videofile seems to be MPEG4/h264 in an
>> MPEG-TS-container and astandard 720x576-resolution. It's an allowed
>> format, but something I've never seen used by TV-stations before. If
>> it's not too much trouble - would it be possible to upload a short clip
>> of it (5-8MB are more than enough) to some filehoster? A short part of a
>> commercial clip or something like that. Nothing that can cause legal
>> issues...
> I'd like to. But I have to cut a section of about that size first,
> without modifying it. Perhaps with plain dd?
> As to sending it, it can be done in little pieces by email (to be joined
> later with plain "cat" or piping), or perhaps in google drive.

Ok, I have cut a 5 MB clip with dd, xine can display it fine, till some 
error when it ends suddenly. What do I do, can I email it to you?

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