[packman] mpv _disabled_ (amongst other packages) in pmbs for openSUSE_Leap_42.2

Carlos E. R. robin.listas at telefonica.net
Thu Nov 17 12:11:23 CET 2016

On 2016-11-17 08:30, Olaf Hering wrote:
> Am 16. November 2016 20:51:09 MEZ, schrieb "Carlos E. R." <robin.listas at telefonica.net>:
>> zypper dup --no-allow-vendor-change
>> When upgrading from 42.1 to 42.2. It will try to keep what you had from
>> packman, on packman.
> This is wrong for a distupgrade because in 42.2 many packages moved from packman to obs. 

If the package is available on OSS and not in packman, the switch will
be automatic. If it is not found, it will be uninstalled, silently if
there is no dependency problem, otherwise you may see messages. In that
case you could try to find alternative repos and add them.

The "--no-allow-vendor-change" switch is not absolute, I understand.

Cheers / Saludos,

		Carlos E. R.
		(from 13.1 x86_64 "Bottle" at Telcontar)

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