[packman] building some 32bit packages for Wine / Gstreamer

Marcus Meissner meissner at suse.de
Sat Nov 12 21:49:41 CET 2016


I am maintaing wine for openSUSE and while Leap 42.x is 64bit only, our Leap
wine builds have 64bit and 32bit wine.

There is dual packaging, with wine being 64bit and wine-32bit having all the 32bit parts.

What I have been told is that packman supplies some codec helping packages for it,
inlcuding gstreamer plugins and wine-mp3.

Currently the biarch 32bit packages for the gstreamer plugins are not built. 

Can you enable them for 32bit via baselibs or so?

(I could send you diffs if you tell me where your buildservice lives ;)

Ciao, Marcus

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