[packman] [PM] mythtv 0.28+git.20160823.d9182ff-2.1 (openSUSE 13.2/x86_64)

Günter Kukkukk gk at kukkukk.com
Mon Nov 7 23:02:18 CET 2016

Am 07.11.2016 um 06:29 schrieb Aliaksei Padvalski:
> Done.

Hi Aliaksei,

wow - that was *really* fast.
Thanks a lot! :-)

I have already started testing the recent MythTV fixes. A lot is
working now with UHDTV - but as often, dependent stuff is triggered now.

So i need to dig much deeper into that and have further chats with the developers.
It's bit a mess, that til now i'm not able to build it myself.

I'm atm trying to find as much info as possible about the "pkgconfig()" stuff from the spec file.
Any hint is much appreciated.  :-)

I'll drop you a note, when new results/fixes are available from the MythTV developers.

Best wishes.


> 06.11.2016, 23:51, "Günter Kukkukk" <gk at kukkukk.com>:
>> Hello Packman team,
>> during the past days i was in contact with the MythTV developers
>> regarding the upcoming switch to UHDTV (DVB-T2) in Germany.
>> Yesterday they have backported some related stuff to their
>> "fixes/0.28" git branch.
>> I would like to ask you, to rebuild that packages.
>> For a long time now there is a TV test-channel with 6 UHD multiplexes here in Berlin.
>> I would like to do some testings in that area to report back to
>> the MythTV developers.
>> I already downloaded your source rpm package - but due to
>> soooo many dependencies i was not able to build it myself (opensuse 13.2).
>> I must admit that i'm completely unfamiliar with the "pkg-config()" stuff.
>> Is there any good tutorial about pkg-config with opensuse?
>> Anyway - good luck with your rebuild, if you happen to have time for that! :-)
>> Best wishes from Berlin.
>> Günter
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