[packman] An advice regarding Kodi packages

Stefan Botter jsj at jsj.dyndns.org
Wed Mar 9 15:55:17 CET 2016


On Wed, 9 Mar 2016 10:29:56 +0100
Stefan Botter <jsj at jsj.dyndns.org> wrote:
> Once Sagi's submitted packages build fine for Tumbleweed, I will
> accept both kodi packages - should be within the hour.

Took longer than expected, I had to make some rather crude patches to
get some addons to compile with gcc 5.x used in Tumbleweed and Factory.
If there is someone more fluent in gcc changes between 4.8 and 5.x,
please have a look at my changes to kodi.binary-addons.

Sagi: can you please pull my changes in your dev tree, there is also a
fix for __DATE__ in several places.


Stefan Botter zu Hause
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