[packman] vlc broken

Wolfgang Bauer wbauer at tmo.at
Sat Jul 16 15:17:22 CEST 2016

Am Freitag, 15. Juli 2016, 13:15:12 schrieb Christian:
> I mean the general menu.

So the application menu below the window title bar, right?
And what about the right-click context menu? Does that work, or is that hidden 
by the video too?

> > Try a fresh user account and see whether it works there. Or maybe
> > try a different video output device and/or disable "Accelerated
> > video output (Overlay)".
> I 'am' using a fresh user account ... cause it is a fresh install.
> BTW ... we are not on windows, don't we ?

Why do you ask?
Of course we are not on windows, but what does this have to do with my 

The point was to rule out some weird user setting causing this. KDE's window 
manager (kwin) in particular can be configured very flexible how it treats 
different windows. And those menu popups are in fact separate windows...

But if this is a fresh user account (a fresh install could reuse an old /home 
though), and you are not using KDE (I don't think others would offer such 
sophisticated settings that could cause such a problem), that's probably 
pointless to try.

> > And what vlc version is this actually about? The stable 2.2.4, or
> > the 3.0 beta?
> I am talking about 2.2.4

Ok, that's what I'm using too.
It might have been a bug in the 3.0 beta...

> So you think I should check with gnome and kde, too ?

Or IceWM at least, which should be installed by default.

It may be a WindowMaker specific problem.
Though as you see it in XFCE as well, that's likely not the case.

> Any other ideas ?

Well, it might also be related to hardware acceleration/using an overlay for 
playing the video (IOW, a graphics driver issue).

Did you try a different video output device and/or disable "Accelerated video 
output (Overlay)" in vlc's settings, as I suggested?

FTR, what graphics card/driver are you actually using?

Kind Regards,

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