[packman] I'd like to collaborate with a game in packman

Adam Mizerski adam at mizerski.pl
Thu Jul 14 12:39:30 CEST 2016

W dniu 13.07.2016 o 21:29, Alberto N. pisze:
> Dear packman team
> First of all, I've been an openSuSE user since SuSE 6.4, long time, and I
> do admire the work you've been doing with the distro all this time.
> I've been working on a game for some years now, it's opensource and free,
> and I'd like to give back some of what I've received by distributing and
> maintaining it for free, for now, there's no business model behind at all,
> and I'm not planning to.
> It's quite basic yet, it could be at the same level that the firsts tuxkart
> or battletank, but I'd like to know if you're interested in adding it to
> the collection of packages available in packman and/or how to do it.
> I'm not going to hide it'd be a great honour to be part of OpenSuSE and I'd
> brag about it :P
> Thanks
> Alberto Navarro.


I like your attitude :)

There's special repository for games for openSUSE:


Adam Mizerski

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