[packman] kaffeine vs tvheadend

Malcolm malcolmlewis at cableone.net
Sun Feb 7 16:17:54 CET 2016

On Sun 07 Feb 2016 12:33:33 PM CST, dave w wrote:

>I have tried with TV headend and gave up because of problems getting
>the permissions and users set up. I can only get it to run with the
>--noacl option, even after going through the motions of setting up a
>new user, the settings are ignored when demonised. The whole system
>seems to be a complete mess when it comes to  permissions and access
>What seems to the missing from the packman version is the ability to
>set up the superuser. 
>In the original Debian package the instructions state that you should
>use dpkg-reconfigure and you will then be prompted to enter a super
>user name and password. I have never managed to work out the
>equivalent action on openSuse. My knowledge of the process is not good
>enough to figure out if this is done as part of ./configure  and make
>or if it is done when the rpm is unpacked.  If it is the first option
>then I am never going to see the user set up when installing from rpm.
>I also noticed that openSuse have ver 4.0.8 and one update seems to be
>a tvheadend-fix-daemon-user-group.patch
>Also seems to alter the etc/sysconfig settings
>-OPTIONS="-c /home/tvheadend/config -u tvheadend -g tvheadend -6
>--http_port 9981 --htsp_port 9982" +OPTIONS="-c /home/tvheadend/config
>-u hts -g video -6 --http_port 9981 --htsp_port 9982" 
>At the moment, tvheadend is more of a plaything for me,  whereas
>kaffeine is a very useful application for the rest of the family to
>make the odd recording of tv shows and watch them later. I am not
>aware of any other application that will allow me to record from DVB-S
>and DVB-T at the same time , sometimes more than one program from the
>same transponder.
>I wish that the kde4 version gained some of the features of the kde3
>version and perhaps a tabbed dialog box for the channels when you have
>more than one source.
>If I get time, I might try the tvheadend version from the open Suse
>repository but I know I'm probably in for more trouble if I switch
>vendor back to openSuse.
>Best Regards

No issues here with tvheadend, yes it's a manual job for the superuser
file in /home/tvheadend/config.

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