[packman] chromium and chromium-ffmpeg

Bo Simonsen bo at geekworld.dk
Thu Dec 15 18:56:42 CET 2016


> >> I am confused. Why do we have two(!) Chromium versions, one in Leap
> >> 42.1 and one Packman. 
> >
> > One is the main package from OBS, the other one contains just the ffmpeg
> > libs.
> >
> >> Does that mean that the Packman version is not maintained? 
> >
> > It does not need to be, because it just links to the sources in the
> > Update repo. If there is a new chromium the ffmpeg subpackage will be
> > rebuild automatically.

I am also confused, what happend to chromium-ffmpeg. I cannot find it anymore?


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