[packman] chromium and chromium-ffmpeg

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Thu Dec 15 11:01:06 CET 2016

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> On Wed, Dec 14, stakanov at freenet.de wrote:
>> I am confused. Why do we have two(!) Chromium versions, one in Leap
>> 42.1 and one Packman. 
> One is the main package from OBS, the other one contains just the ffmpeg
> libs.
>> Does that mean that the Packman version is not maintained? 
> It does not need to be, because it just links to the sources in the
> Update repo. If there is a new chromium the ffmpeg subpackage will be
> rebuild automatically.
> Olaf
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Yes that would be a good idea. But apparently this time it doesn't as 55 patch is complaining for not having the ffpmep dependency available. 
Sudo zypper up doesn't catch this but sudo zypper patch does:
sudo zypper patch
Caricamento dati dell'archivio in corso...
Lettura dei pacchetti installati in corso...
Risoluzione dipendenze dei pacchetti in corso...

Problema:patch:openSUSE-2016-1453-1.noarch in conflitto con chromium.x86_64   openSUSE
 Soluzione 2: non installare patch:openSUSE-2016-1453-1.noarch

Choose from above solutions by number or cancel [1/2/a] (a):

What should I do about this? Should I blacklist the patch? Or is there a problem with ffmpeg? 


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