[packman] Leap 42.1, PMBS and things

Stefan Botter jsj at jsj.dyndns.org
Sun Oct 25 14:05:18 CET 2015

Hi all,

I have been awfully quiet lately, and you all are waiting for Leap 42.1.
Due to incredibly little time - RL is demanding ;-) - I just have been
able to keep PMBS and the workers running, but the good news is:

Publishing of Leap packages will commence mid of next week.
Marc and me will also try to make the arm packages available and
hopefully fix one-click installation.

PMBS had a hard time earlier this week, as again the disk subsystem
used had a reliability problem, PMBS' disks content was unaffected,
but not available for several hours,
I could get my hands one some additional used hardware, which is not
operational ATM, but I am looking forward to get it up and running in
the next days. I will have to stop some build workers and replace them
with more powerful machines some days later. In turn I plan to give the
PMBS server a little more beef, and perhaps move it off the more and
more unreliable disk subsystem. This all as time and hardware permits.
Do not be alarmed, when there is a temporary short on build power, and
PMBS is unavailable.

This for now, I will be back :-)

Stefan Botter zu Hause
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