[packman] avidemux3 problems

Torsten Duwe duwe at lst.de
Sun Oct 25 13:14:20 CET 2015

Hi all,

I found that the ffmpeg libs bundled with avidemux3 have funny
permissions, built for "Factory", FWIW, but 13.2 is similar:

rpm -qlvp avidemux3-2.6.10-4.2.x86_64.rpm | grep /usr/lib64/libADM.av
-rwx---r-x 1 root root 6515120 Oct 20 09:04 /usr/lib64/libADM6avcodec.so.56
-rwx---r-x 1 root root  423960 Oct 20 09:04 /usr/lib64/libADM6avformat.so.56
-rwx---r-x 1 root root  355048 Oct 20 09:04 /usr/lib64/libADM6avutil.so.54

which brings up a few questions when I think about it.

Is this intended? I don't think so.
Is this a spec-file, Makefile or Packman build system bug?
What does the 3 in avidemux3 stand for? It's the 2.6 branch, I guess?
Why does avidemux*.src.rpm include ffmpeg sources at all?
Doesn't the Packman build system have build dependencies,
or did avidemux upstream mess this up?

Thanks in advance for any enlightening answers!


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