[packman] smplayer_enqueue.desktop

Mark Fairbairn farcus at gmx.com
Mon Nov 9 10:05:10 CET 2015

in openSUSE Leap 42.1 smplayer.desktop contains the line 
This line allows media to be streamed over a network from a NAS drive 
for example.

The X-DE-Protocols line is missing from smplayer_enqueue.desktop 
resulting in media accessed from a NAS drive being copied (entirely) to 
a local drive before playback begins.

Simply adding the line "X-KDE-Protocols=http,ftp,smb" to 
smplayer_enqueue.desktop corrects the issue.

Is there any particular reason it has been omitted or is it just an error?
*Mark Fairbairn*
e farcus at gmx.com
t +81 80 3921 3026

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