[packman] PMBS problems please help

Stefan Botter jsj at jsj.dyndns.org
Thu Nov 5 10:47:20 CET 2015

Hi Dave,

On Thu, 5 Nov 2015 10:37:50 +0200
Dave Plater <davejplater at gmail.com> wrote:

> I've put the latest blender in Extra as part of syncing it with
> openSUSE, in fact because a watered down ffmpeg is in openSUSE Leap
> and upwards all I really need to do is link the package and it doesn't
> build for 13.2 and down anymore because of numerous dependencies.
> This I can sort out later but for now blender only builds for Leap in
> Extra. It builds happily in my home:davepl project for Tumbleweed but
> in Extra it's unresolved for all the ffmpeg libraries. It also fails
> the Factory build.
> To aggravate this problem command line osc won't operate on PMBS with
> my new and only Leap42.1 installation, when I try osc meta prj in my
> local home:davepl directory it returns:
> Failed to reach a server:
>  [SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed
> (_ssl.c:581)

Without doing a test on Leap myself, my guess here is the missing
CAcert certificates in your certificate store. Try installing the
packages ca-certificates-cacert (i hope this is still available on
Leap), or install the Root and Class 3 certificate from cacert.org's

> If I could at least read Extra's prj meta, I might have a clue about
> the blender problems. I thought it was a transient problem so I waited
> until today.
> I have a new home directory with Leap, my old 12.1 was so broken that
> I thought it better. My build service directory is not under home but
> on another partition but was working before I nuked 12.1

If all else fails you can have a look through the web interface.
The significant difference between your home project and Extra is, that
you are building against openSUSE.org:openSUSE:Leap:42.1, and Extra is
building against Multimedia, and in turn Essentials.

Hope that helps,

Stefan Botter zu Hause
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