[packman] [PM] k3b 2.0.80.git20131118-1.1 (openSUSE 12.1/i586)

Wolfgang Bauer e9325712 at student.tuwien.ac.at
Thu Feb 12 14:33:59 CET 2015

Am Dienstag, 10. Februar 2015, 18:04:27 schrieb Olivier BELLEUX:
> On the site of K3b, it is mentioned that the latest version is 2.0.3 K3b
> dated 4 November 2014, while your version is old for more than a year.

2.0.3 was just an intermediate bugfix release, to bring back the fixes from 
2.0.80 (git) to a "stable" release (2.0.2 was quite old already, and many bugs 
had been fixed in git meanwhile).

Btw, k3b has been updated to the latest git version in Packman just yesterday.
But even before (when you wrote your EMail), that package was _not_ "old for 
more than a year". The last update to the package has been made 3 months ago, 
on Nov. 4th actually, coinciding with the 2.0.3 release:

And it is actually one of k3b's developers that maintains the k3b package in 
Packman. So I suppose he should know what he is doing regarding k3b's 

> As indicated k3b team have corrected several bugs I would be able to use
> without depriving me of codecs.

Those fixes should all be in Packman's 2.0.80git package as well.

> Would it be possible to update to this new version k3b by modifying the file
> specs to require cdrtools instead of cdrkits.

I disagree.

k3b itself works fine with both cdrtools and cdrkit. And upto 13.1 only cdrkit 
was included in the distribution, so k3b would even be uninstallable there 
without adding additional repos (multimedia:apps).

And it is in fact wrong that the k3b package requires cdrkit. It requires 
/usr/bin/cdrecord (and others), which is supplied by both cdrkit (cdrkit-
cdrtools-compat actually) and cdrecord from cdrtools.
That way, the user can choose whether (s)he wants to use cdrkit or cdrtools.

If you have a problem with cdrkit, you probably should file a bug report 
against that. It should either be fixed, or removed completely from the 
Personally I never had a problem with cdrkit though.

But I think on 13.2 and up cdrtools is even installed by default instead of 
cdrkit. If not, this is something to be changed in the distribution IMHO. 
There are other burning programs as well that just use cdrecord to do the 
actual work.

PS: Why did you write "openSUSE 12.1" in the subject?
According to the mail program specified in your mail header, you are using 
13.2, right?

Kind Regards,

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