[packman] VLC for OpenSUSE

David Kronlid david at kronlid.net
Sat Oct 4 21:52:24 CEST 2014

A few times during the last year I've received updates to VLC that aren't
possible to install due to some bogus dependency problem. My OS is OpenSUSE
13.1 and I use the repository that fetches it's files from
I've been told that this repo is maintained by packman (or the files
originate from packman), and that I should discuss this with the packman

When updates arrive I get a message that there are VLC-updates, but
whenever I try to install these updates there's always a complaint that the
packages (7 in total) are dependent on another one of the 7 packages. And
it doesn't matter if I install all of them together or try a few of them,
there's always a complaint that the files are depending on one of the other
files that the installer claims is missing while it clearly isn't missing
it's just installed simultaneously. Every time I want to update something
else I have to manually uncheck the vlc-related updates so that other
important updates get installed, otherwise VLC blocks important security
updates. Because this is an ongoing continual problem I'd like to discuss
it on the list to see what causes this and if there is a way to fix this
for everyone affected by this. Out of all packages I have on my OpenSUSE
installation, the ones from VLC are the only ones behaving this way so I
imagine it must be a problem with the dependency settings for the VLC
updates making it impossible to install any one of the 7 packages. I can
however install the updates by manually doing some things either in BASH or
in YAST, or by installing VLC again with the one-click-install link, but I
would like VLC to update smoothly like all other packages. This problem has
never ever happened to me with another package on OpenSUSE 13.1 and I use
around 10-15 different repos both official and not, only VLC-related
packages from the videolan repo have behaved this way so it's clearly a
VLC/packman problem.

A second question I have is if there is a better way of installing fresh
versions of VLC and everything needed for daily usage of VLC? Is the repo
at videolan.org the best to use if I want everything to work? Or is there a
better repo that works with OpenSUSE but still gives the modern versions of
VLC and all needed libs? I want to be able to use VLC for DVD's and
different video files and to stream music from internet radio stations, so
I need a lot of different CODECS for both audio and video.

GPG: 0xB2987053

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