[packman] [PM] kdenlive 0.9.6-5.86 (openSUSE 13.1/x86_64)

Wolfgang Bauer e9325712 at student.tuwien.ac.at
Wed May 7 12:46:34 CEST 2014

Am Mittwoch, 7. Mai 2014, 00:02:59 schrieb Marcelo Vivan Borro:
> Just to add more detailed information, the kdenlive project I'm trying to
> render uses a .mov file and two .png images
I just created a simple project with a .mov file and two .png images and 
rendered it with the same settings as you (threads=1 instead of threads=4, 
because I'm at a single core system right now). Worked fine:
wolfi at amiga:~/kdenlive/scripts> ./Skript001.sh 
//STARTING RENDERING:  false , false , "/usr/bin/melt6" , "atsc_1080p_5994" , 
"avformat" , "-" , "/home/wolfi/kdenlive/scripts/Skript001.sh.mlt" , 
"/home/wolfi/kdenlive/Unbenannt.mp4" , () , ("f=mp4", "acodec=aac", "ab=128k", 
"ar=44100", "vcodec=mpeg4", "minrate=0", "vb=12000k", "aspect=@16/9", "mbd=2", 
"trellis=1", "mv4=1", "threads=1", "real_time=-1") , -1 , -1 
Started render process:  "/usr/bin/melt6"   
"/home/wolfi/kdenlive/scripts/Skript001.sh.mlt -profile atsc_1080p_5994 -
consumer avformat:/home/wolfi/kdenlive/Unbenannt.mp4 progress=1 f=mp4 
acodec=aac ab=128k ar=44100 vcodec=mpeg4 minrate=0 vb=12000k aspect=@16/9 
mbd=2 trellis=1 mv4=1 threads=1 real_time=-1" 
Rendering of  "/home/wolfi/kdenlive/Unbenannt.mp4"  finished 
wolfi at amiga:~/kdenlive/scripts> 

I didn't use any effects for that, I just put the two png images on one track 
(so that they are shown for a short while instead of the video), and the video 
on the other.

> Here they are:
The packages look ok.

Some more ideas:
- Since you mentioned a .mov file, check that you have libquicktime0 from 
Packman. Or does it crash with other files as well?

- Try to do a "full repository vendor change update" to Packman:
Maybe you have some underlying library from another repo, causing the crash.

- Try to remove (or better rename) kdenlive's configuration as a test:
~/.kde4/share/config/kdenliverc, and maybe ~/.kde4/share/apps/kdenlive/ as 

Hopefully one of those things will resolve it.

Kind regards,

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